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Orange & Star Anise Pink Glass Candle (XM11541)

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Bring on the festive joy with this fragranced candle in a sweet pink glass pot. Exclusively available, the 200g pink candle is a cocktail of fragrance, conjure up notes of clove and clementine, star anise and cedar woods. Made from Soy wax, and with a burn time of around 32 hours. Well presented in a full colour gift tube, the coloured glass pot will double up as a great little tealight holder afterwards. Soy benefits from a lower melting point and therefore a slower burning candle than paraffin, with reduced smoke and soot.

* Please note that this product will be shipped directly from Widdop & Co. and will not arrive in the same consignment as your Raspberry Blossom card, stationery and other paper products. Please view our terms and conditions for further information *

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