The Home of Joyfulness

At Raspberry Blossom, we're passionate about creating high-quality, joyful products that inspire everyday moments of joy through their creativity and positivity. We've been a trusted supplier of innovative and colourful greeting cards, notebooks, and stationery to retailers like you since 2014. 

Why Choose Raspberry Blossom as Your Wholesale Supplier? 

Increased Sales: Our award-winning, joyful designs are proven to attract customers and boost sales in your retail stores. Vibrant colours and positive messages stand out on shelves, encouraging impulse purchases and repeat business. 

Profitable Partnership: Our competitive wholesale pricing allows for healthy profit margins, purchasing in quantities of three allows for more variation in your product offering and no minimum order value allows you to trial and top-up designs easily and frequently.

Trusted Supplier: With our established track record and commitment to quality, you can count on Raspberry Blossom for consistent and timely deliveries. 




Meet the Founder, Rebecca

With a lifelong love for design and a decade of experience in London marketing agencies, Rebecca co-founded Raspberry Blossom. Inspired by a desire to create beautiful, joyful products for everyday moments, Rebecca brings her design expertise and passion for colour and patterns to life in Raspberry Blossom's innovative award-winning greeting cards, stationery, gift packaging as well as home and giftware.

"I've always treasured special greeting cards," says Rebecca, "and I wanted to create products that spark joy and inspire creativity for others."  Her love for textiles and textures translates into the high-quality materials and finishes that define Raspberry Blossom's products.



Meet the Co-owner, Mark

With a background in client servicing and account management at leading London marketing agencies, Mark brings a wealth of experience in connecting with customers to his role as co-founder of Raspberry Blossom. Mark's passion for building relationships shines through in his interactions with Raspberry Blossom's valued retail partners.

"Just like a card connects the sender and recipient," says Mark, "I believe the world needs more meaningful connections and a touch of color."  Together with Rebecca, Mark strives to ensure that everything Raspberry Blossom does, from its joyful products to its stakeholder interactions, creates a positive impact and leaves a smile.

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