Our Joy Committee

We are very proud of our growing team who believe in Raspberry Blossom’s mission to bring everyday moments of joy to the world via our colourful products. Each and every team member is integral to the business and as a team we are committed to approaching our work through our five core values; quality, positivity, innovation, growth and togetherness. 

What's more, we understand that the success of Raspberry Blossom is intertwined with the success of our customers - who we like to call our ‘Joy Committee’. We aim to always be helpful, reliable and deliver the best service we can.

Below the Raspberry Blossom team give an insight into their role, their talents and what things they love, so you can get to know the team just that little bit better.


The creative lead to everything at Raspberry Blossom, is a lover of colour and pattern. Obsessed with interiors and buying vases or cushions! And enjoys making a yummy risotto while drinking a glass of rosé.


Sales, Ideas, On-site IT engineer, Box Packing Guru and everything in between, Mark does it all. Often used as a human climbing frame by his kids, he also loves noodles, listening to music and watching sport.


The chatty sales lady, always happy to help with a smile to cheer up your day. A lover of  walking and swimming and all things to do with ancient history!


A designer at Raspberry Blossom, sketchbook collector, colour lover, and avid gig-goer. Usually found with a paintbrush in hand.


The conductor of the Raspberry Blossom warehouse symphony, where picking and packing becomes a vibrant carnival of productivity! Positivity is Sally's secret sauce, and bubbliness is her superpower. She applies it to all that she does, be it work or tending to her plants in her allotment and garden.


The administrative cog that helps Raspberry Blossom moving forward. Self confessed stationery addict and lover of hospital and police dramas. With a hospitality background Nat is a dab hand at top-notch customer service


Responsible for Operations supporting the business in every aspect. She loves organising family & friends events with colourful themes and activities transforming the ordinary to extraordinary memories.