Colourful Visual Merchandising Inspiration for Independent Shop Owners

Colourful Visual Merchandising Inspiration for Independent Shop Owners

Quick and simple visual merchandising tools to give your independent retail space a refresh and add a little more excitement to your customer’s shopping experience.

We have broken this blog down into three short, easy to peruse sections, each with their own moodboards to help inspire you with creating the perfect in-store experience then implement the ideas in your own shop.

Colourful Visual Merchandising Backdrop Inpspiration for Shops | Raspberry Blossom

DIY backdrops and murals

Colour can be such an important tool to use in your retail space, used on a back wall or even your shop window. Inviting your customer in, basket in hand ready to shop! 

We loved these easy, colourful paper chains. A simple craft with the potential to create lots of impact. You may have seen at PG Live tradeshow we created a crepe paper rainbow above our stand, we felt it gave a bit of wow factor, and also became an excellent talking point and photo backdrop.

If you are itching to get a paintbrush in your hand, stripes are timeless and eye-catching. Adding little details to accentuate an architectural feature, like these cute scalloped arches, or a fun pattern that highlights a new curated collection or an area in the shop that lacks light which could be freshened up with a lick of paint.

Colourful Units, Spinners and shelving Visual Merchandising Inspiration For Shops Mood Board| Raspberry Blossom

Colourful shelving and display units

The right shelving or display unit has the power to really make your fantastic products shine! 

A little bit of spray paint can be an easy way to refresh some display units, or even just a pop of colour on the shelving brackets.

 We are super excited to launch the most colourful card spinner in the world for our colourful greeting cards! A bold claim we know but we are so proud of them, and know they will look incredible in your store. If you would like one of these spinners for your store then get in touch here

Visual Merchandising Trend Inspiration Moodboard | Raspberry Blossom 

Visual merchandising trends

Trends can move quickly and whilst it’s not necessary to give your retail space a full scale renovation every month, it’s always a great idea to keep an eye on what’s trending and if there’s anywhere in your space that you can add a few little details to keep things fresh.   

We have put together this moodboard of some macro trends that won’t be going anywhere fast. Keep in mind curved soft shapes, tactile surfaces like tiling or these zingy coloured grooves on the cash desk. Beautiful borders and of course colour blocking.

 We hope you enjoyed this little guide and that you have found some useful tips or even some inspiration! 





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